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    Originally Posted by bobandbill View Post
    Well as it's a fanmade region be sure that it's well established to begin with, and I suppose some backstory on her parents' relationship with Maria and their 'Lunar Beam' as well would be something to establish - as well as why this Team Luna would want to steal it and all.

    Would the police be/have been involved in looking as well? It would strike me as odd if nobody reported these disappearances.
    I do wonder why the region has such a rule considering I can't think of any obvious reason (after all every other region does not seem to have such a law.
    Thanks for the help!!!!!! Actually, I guess I didn't make this clear enough ( lol my fault, no one elses. Looking back at it confuses me too.) but Team Luna uses "Lunar Beam" around a certain area after they commit a crime.

    The police do get involved, but it's gonna be a power struggle thing like with team Rocket, other than the "Lunar Beam" beacon, they have no proof it was Team Luna. The move is open for circulation WAYYY before Team Luna started using it, but certain rare TM stores and certain Pokemon have the natural ability to learn it (i.e. Lunatone, Clefairy, etc). Also Team Luna's version is slightly altered to where it will be visible for a long time afterwards (As opposed to a few minutes), up to all night.

    And as for the law concerning the training, almost everyone in the Morea region has a job concerned with Pokemon. It's kind of a mastery of the subject kind of thing. I might change it to where her father is "making" her train Pokemon for her own safety or something like that.

    Thanks again!

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