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    Yeah, I am really, really disappointed with the service I'm getting. I still check here daily, by the way... But I don't have my save on here, as you can probably guess.
    There's a chance I'll drop this project altogether, actually. I wanted to finish the LP before the western release of the games, that has been my goal from the start. But thanks to my wonderful local computer store, that's now pretty much impossible.
    If I do in fact drop this project, I'll likely start another LP project instead though. In case anyone's interested, here are the games I think would be interesting for me to do a screenshot LP of:
    -Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky
    -Etrian Odyssey I
    -Professor Layton (any)

    I considered the Ace Attorney series, but there's way too much text in there - would contain far too many images.

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