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Originally Posted by bradnw15 View Post
Ahk, thanks. Do you know if all the legendary pokemon are available in the one file. I know there were a few situations where I had to make a choice between 2, i'm just not sure if they will appear elsewhere or not.

How exactly do I make the alternate save file? I figure I should ask before playing around, don't wanna lose my save game now, it would be a really depressing way to end the game haha
Yes they will appear later as you finish the game... Once you get Arceus most legendaries will be available.

You have a save folder where you can store save files in case you want to play an alternate. But I'd just copy the entire folder so you can have a "copied" version where you can restart. Then you have your original in one folder and your new in the other.

Originally Posted by grest View Post
my code RPEXTsF1YaEjruYgeSaX+wVwvfZ/rL7OfkVwJ/oVLfcylajzMrmN9n+svT5/rCH2f
5i4fn4wvxJ/rJX2f6y99n+svfRVoccrlmFsc8Y8PXZ/rL30= ok that 1 pokemon heres another RPEXTIf4ZvbLkd2WRCp/pHnLwtDvl8LQ7gt7AFZHwtGusoPhutfC0O+W9vzvlobQ7
5PCZO3Tw7jrl8LQ75fC0O+XwtFS41SNcy4SaT8XQlDvl8LQ= conformation RPEXCGDqFkg==
Here is my Ivysaur


and here is the confirmation code


I'll trade back so your pokemon can evolve

BTW you can talk trades and stuff in this thread:
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