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Originally Posted by Karpman View Post
I understand it, but it doesn't seem too unique, tbh. It seems like the catch them all challenge but with restrictions, and shadow pokemon aren't that much harder to snag.
I mean the games ARE based around catching shadow's but its quite possible to catch pokemon easily with a pokeball, depending on certain factors and of course, chance.
It may be difficult but challenges should be worth the challenger's time as well.
Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
As a big Colosseum fan, I can honestly say I've done that on my own without a challenge even being on my mind. As a challenge, it sounds horrendously boring and I doubt many people would join. For a Colosseum/XD challenge, I would rather see a no Purification challenge (unless for story progression, but then you couldn't use that Particular Pokemon anymore). That would be a challenge. I might consider posting that, but hell, I can't even keep up with the Favorite Challenge. I had to drop out of that recently.
I understand where you two are coming from. I guess it would seem kind of bland as a challenge, looking back at it...the only real challenging ones would be Tyranitar and Lugia.

I think I thought of another one, however. A No Shadow Pokemon Challenge, meaning that you can only use regular pokemon. This may be a bit harder in Colosseum, considering that you basically only get Umbreon, Espeon, and a Plusle at one point. In XD, you get your Eeveelution, but there are Pokespots (I'm pretty sure that's what they are called) where you can catch regular pokemon.
Once again, not too sure about how appealing this sounds.

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