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    User Name: MareBear
    Trainer: Mary
    Game: SoulSilver
    Pokemon: Shuppet / Banette
    Time on Game: 3:24

    Badge Case:

    So, I started my Solo run with Shuppet/Banette last night. I began with the intro stuff, then once I obtained the PokeBalls from Ethan, I hacked in a level 5 Shuppet, who I named Dusk. We took on the gym in Violet City and beat Falkner thanks to Dusk's Curse and a little bit of luck. After looking at the Ruins of Alph and finishing grabbing some items, we headed to Azalea Town for our next badge. After running through Union Cave while battling trainers and grabbing items on the way, we made it to Azalea Town. We helped out Kurt and beat Team Rocket easily with Dusk being at least 8 levels higher than Proton's strongest Pokemon. We healed and headed over to beat Bugsy, who was pretty easy again and Dusk swept the gym with no problems. Once we beat the gym, we met our rival Silver for another battle. It was easy, again, and the only small problem we had was his Bayleef.

    Current Team:

    Dusk Level 23 ♂
    Nature : Rash
    Ability : Insomnia
    Item : Shell Bell
    Knock Off | Shadow Sneak | Night Shade |

    Current Challenges:
    Badges: 0 / 8
    Completed Challenges:
    Solo Challenges
    Daisy the Golduck, Level 78 (Diamond)
    Dusk the Banette, Level 100 (SoulSilver)
    Favorite Challenge
    Charizard - Roserade - Weavile - Yanmega - Cloyster - Gliscor
    Duo-Species Challenge
    Starmie & Nidoking (LeafGreen)