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I think I thought of another one, however. A No Shadow Pokemon Challenge, meaning that you can only use regular pokemon. This may be a bit harder in Colosseum, considering that you basically only get Umbreon, Espeon, and a Plusle at one point. In XD, you get your Eeveelution, but there are Pokespots (I'm pretty sure that's what they are called) where you can catch regular pokemon.
Once again, not too sure about how appealing this sounds.
That would be really hard in Colosseum, considering the only Pokemon you get that aren't Shadow right off the bat are Umbreon, Espeon, and lol Plusle. It'd make more sense for an XD challenge though. So maybe exclude Colosseum for that, because everyone is going to end up with the same team in Colosseum.

Ok, but I'll do after Sydian totally agrees with it.

So, the Pokè-item Challenge (Now I don't have anything in mind for the title ).

You choose from one to six items, by yourself or randomly by me, and then you take a Pokèmon with every starting letter of the items, one Pokèmon for one item.
Then, the item you choose, you can use only them in your run, on all the team.

Pokèmon available: all, only one Legendary in your team, if you're use it.
Items available: all, just make sure you'll find it in your game.
You guys know I don't have to approve the challenge in this thread, right? :P Just go ahead and post when you're ready. Challenge makes sense, you're participating, and it's a fresh and interesting idea. Go right on ahead~

Also, happy Thanksgiving to my American challenge folk! Hope you all have a good one and stuff your face. If anyone DOES challenge Dora, I would like to know! And I wanna see footage.

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