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    I am loving everybody's song choices (Two Steps From Hell, "To Die For"/"Short Hair", and Joe Hisaishi ftw!). Here's my soundtrack for "Seven Feathers" (and by soundtrack I mean a list of songs I just enjoy listening to). I think it's pretty clear I have a thing for Yuki Kajiura. ;

    1. Opening Theme (“Legend of Amukaka" from Mononoke Hime)
    2. Rainbow Feather (“The girl who stole a star” from Chrono Cross/K-Waves Lab)
    3. Coming of Age (“Transformation” from Brother Bear)
    4. Just the Wind and the Clouds (“Summer” from Kikujiro)
    5. Three Choices (“Michi” from Shuffle)
    6. Demon with the Red Eyes (“Mezame” from Mai-HiME)
    7. Eppie (“Emotion” from Pokémon B/W)
    8. Festival (“Days of Pachanga” from Someday’s Dreamers)
    9. Fireworks (“Cry” from The Holiday)
    10. All or Nothing (“Dance of Curse” from Escaflowne)
    11. Afraid of the Dark (“Viridian Forest (Arranged)” from Pokémon)
    12. Song for Friends (“Sora” from Escaflowne)
    13. Peaceful Monotony/And a Blazing Star (“Alone”/“Bloody Rabbit” from Pandora Hearts)
    14. Field of Dandelions (“Soku ni Sora ga Aru Kara (Orchestra Version)” from Pokémon)
    15. The Traitor (Scars) (“Pokémon Theme (Orchestral)”)
    16. Snowscape (“Ensei ~Hitori~” from Mai-HiME)
    17. Journey (“Heritage of the Wolf” from Balto)
    18. I’ve Chosen (“Pandora Hearts” from Pandora Hearts)
    19. Ending Theme (“Tooi Kono Machi De” from CCS)
    20. Feldspar’s Extra Theme (“Friend’s Memorial Day” from Pokémon)

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