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Hey guys, so I've been batting around this rather persistent plot bunny for a while. Though I don't have much confidence in my ability to pull off something this dark, I was thinking of doing a Pokemon fic based loosely on the classic Battle Royale setup. I feel like something similar has probably been done before, maybe even as a RP, but if not, my premise is as follows:

In order the find the "greatest trainer of all," mysterious Legendaries trainer Takuto has extended an open challenge to trainers from all over the world, inviting them to an isolated island to take part in a massive competition. It quickly becomes clear, however, that this isn't your normal tournament (cue sinister music).

I haven’t figured out all the rules yet, but this is what I have so far.
  • At the start of the competition, each trainer gets one, and only one, PokeBall containing a random "starter" Pokemon (either completely random or perhaps belonging to any of the other trainers in the competition...haven't decided yet).
  • If a trainer tries to leave the island/enter certain restricted zones, OR if their "starter" Pokemon faints, they automatically die (via the quintessential Battle Royale exploding collars).
  • The only way to add more Pokemon to your roster, unfortunately, is to kill other trainers and take theirs, though there may be some exceptions.
  • Trainers also have to survive in the island wilderness, which is filled with wild Pokemon and prone to "natural" disasters.
  • The competition ends when there is only one trainer left standing (if there isn't a single winner by the end of a certain time period, everyone may automatically die).
I’m also thinking about having a sizable subplot where individuals who didn’t enter the competition (possibly headed by Gary Oak…though I can’t decide if I’d prefer to have him to compete or not) are trying to figure out who “Takuto” really is and ultimately attempt to save the people on the island.

At any rate, I am thinking to use largely canon anime characters for this, probably several years into the future (one of the protagonists, May's little brother Max, is a beginning trainer at this point). I have a couple ideas for who I might include, but not nearly enough for the loads and loads of characters I'm planning for. So I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on:
  • Which characters do you think would be interesting to see as competitors?/What pokemon would be interesting for them to get as their "starter"? (someone’s definitely ending up with Magikarp fyi)
  • What reactions/hidden abilities/personality traits/backstories might emerge from these characters in life and death situations?
  • What kind of alliances/grudges/goals do you think might come into play?
  • How might certain characters end up getting killed off/killing others off?

Whew, okay. Hope no one thinks I'm an ax-crazy creep now. ;

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