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    If you really wanted to spice it up you could give all the trainers different languages so the protagonist can only communicate with a few of the trainers that share his language. Could make things interesting if hand gestures and body language are misinterpreted. However, with languages you've got more room to play around with alliances and deception.

    About the Magikarp thing - if you've got multiple points of view, you could get the trainer with the Magikarp to spend the first half of the contest trying to hide from the other players, and you could include encounters where he is almost found out by other trainers (that is until he gets Gyarados and goes crazy). But yeah, I'd like to see the Magikarp guy play it smart rather than just going "oh damn, I've got a Magikarp, now I'm going to lose".

    But yeah, this reminds me a lot of a book called Contest by Matthew Reilly, where basically all the intelligent races of the universe every however many years have a massive contest where one member of each race is placed inside a maze and have to be the last one standing. This time they decide to include humans as a joke (because basically humans aren't anywhere near as advanced) and the maze is the New York State Library. But yeah, the story basically follows the main guy around as he tries to protect his daughter at the same time and it's really interesting.

    Good luck writing it anyway, it sounds like it'll be a ripper.
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