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Originally Posted by JX Valentine View Post
As a note, yes, I'm aware that some people confuse the word "scene" with "paragraph." Scenes are complete breaks from the action to move to a different location, different time, and sometimes different group of characters. A paragraph, however, is a subset of a scene that captures one topic or character's dialogue. Considering the rules for separating paragraphs, you can't really just separate scenes with a single line of space. There's a variety of different ways to indicate scene breaks, so I encourage you to think creatively about how to do that. However, just keep in mind that a paragraph is (usually) much, much smaller than a scene and that whenever someone tells you to separate your paragraphs, they're not talking about all the action in one location at one particular time.
Real quick on the bold part, I would maybe not exactly say "creatively" here. To be honest, sometimes scene breaks distract me when they have symbols all over like this:


Which tends to stretch the whole screen, or


Trust me, have seen breaks like those before in Serebii and FFnet. Perhaps say make the scene breaks also not straining on the eyes and a simple one like ~~~ might be fine.

Other than that, I believe part of the reason is they are a lot of fics posted in the way that's not pleasing to our eyes is we're having so many new writers now and hence why they're not getting used to how to post fanfics properly. The different font formats I don't see too often, but the blocks of text I've seen quite a few.

I can see this being helpful to the new writers that have trouble posting the right away, although hopefully the reviewers will be nice to pinpoint the format problems before referencing to this thread. :x
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