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Originally Posted by Equin View Post
Still, I have some questions. I guess it's rather silly of me to ask, but...
-how exactly can you tell if a member is 'lazy'? (refer to the 'too much effort' emblem)
The pre-requisite for getting that emblem is wrong, well, not suited to the original intention.

(You know, I might ask someone to change it to procrastination, since when I first saw the pre-requisite I... wasn't too pleased because I knew it could be taken wrongly D;)

It's meant to be for procrasination (but for lazy people too, just... well, both XD;) It's people that take a while to get around to doing things, when they do intend to do it later, where the signature/avatar thing could be a good example of it. It's not necessarily a bad emblem, like, even Lightning could get the emblem if she hasn't gotten around to updating the claims thread in three months, so. Anddd... being busy with IRL things also comes into it too. Plus the emblem isn't meant to be taken negatively, so yeah. XD; It's really just a joke emblem. XD;

...And adding in what the others have said, too. Really, it was in reference to a club ages ago called the procrastinators club, it was made out to be a joke thing, rather than a negative thing, where in it, people discussed how they procrastinated on certain things and because of that, I figured that it could apply now, too. It's just situation to situation.

And btw, this applies to lazy people too, but... procrastination sounds less offensive? XD; Wow I suck at explaining. :(

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