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    C'mon guys, no need to be so harsh... He's trying, right? It's better than creating just one sprite, being proud of it, and posting it everywhere. Also, we've all been there; take a look at one of my first sprites:

    Pokemonatoms, as a few people have said, you might want to try playing around with official sprites. It doesn't really matter what you do, be it fusions, amalgamations, or just small edits... Anything that involves you playing with the sprites up close will help you to become familiar with the conventions of the official style. You can keep making sprites from scratch, of course, and while you WILL improve by doing so, it won't be nearly as effective. I can't recommend playing around with the official sprites enough, as it's how I learned to sprite Pokemon. Thanks to that learning experience, I'm able to draw things like this:

    Now, whether my version of the dragon thing is "better" than yours is debatable, artistic merit being what it is, but mine definitely adheres to the Pokemon style more. Aside from the fail shading because I didn't want to spend a lot of time on something that will never be seen outside of this thread.