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Cool, thanks for the clarifications so far. Although, I don't get how not updating your avatar/signature/user title would consider someone lazy/procrastinated. For example, I love my avatar and do not want to change it, I'm not procrastinated at all for saying that, right?

Also, here's some more of questioning for you;
-Does the requisite action for 'Varsity Nintendo' emblem have to be general knowledge about past gaming or fan-gathered knowledge? (talk about nitpicks)

-About the 'Super Nubcake' 'act mature and knowing', do you mean that the person getting the emblem is not really aware of the site's constants but is just playing experienced?

-Though it may have been intended ("their's" meaning "the staff" or something), I thought you might want to clarify if it really is intended or just a mistake:
Emblem: Jumping on the Bandwagon | Requisite: Jump on the bandwagon when their's a collab, etc.
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