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Fakemon spriter urgently needed.
brought to you by the armada team
in association with the alpha arcade.

credits for logo to elaynii
made with rpg maker xp

sup everyone its flamemaster here. im starting a thread for my game pokemon armada, (really original name right!).
my game takes place in the distant future, like somewhere around 2028.
much of the wilderness is still wild, but due to advancements in technology the cities have become full of buildings.


600 years ago......
our peacfull world was ruptered by chaos and war. two god-like entities, called, armada, and vornox, were argueing. about who was more powerfull, and who deserved more respect from the humans. eventually, there dispute became a brawl. their battles were devatsating, and they caused ruin wherever they went. crops were turned to fiery plains, lakes dryed up, and cities were turned to crumbling ruins. because of the dwindling resources, man was forced to war with each other. after 35 years of hunger and death, one little girl, pleaded with the god pokemon arceus, telling him that she would give her life, if the war was ended. arceus, seeing the courage in the little girl, granted her wish. he sealed the entities in two temples. but instead of taking the girls life, he transformed her into a pokemon, and evan now her song to the heavens can be heard in the woods. and the war was finished. but today the seal is in danger of being broken! the knights, the last survivors of an ancient civilization, who were convinced, that they were the only ones worthy to be on this planet. for unknown reasons they are determined to catch you and your twin, so they can break the seal, and start a new world. and you must choose, to resist them, or join them.


welcome to the kindra region where mysteries unfold where freinds are made, where disaster strikes!
6 years ago your father Aaron, one of the greatest pokemon scientists of all time and great freind to prof. raine, went missing! he and a cuople of his aids were doing research on a cave. but something happened and they were never seen again.
prof. raine left one of her aids in charge of the school while she went searching for Aaron, after a couple years she had to give up and returned to the school
your mother to keep food on the table had to get a job in a nearby region. so you and your twin were left in the care of you grandmother.

now, your a young trainer who's been waiting all year to graduate from pokemon trainer school, and finally that day is here! its your 13th birthday, tommorow you'll be able to graduate from pokemon trainer school!

you wake up and go to trainer school for the last time. after school lets out, you walk home and see a bunch of shady lookin people all wearing the same clothes,when they see you watching them they they immediatly leave, when your about to leave again a young man goes running by and almost knocks you over, "what, was that all about?"

after that you go home, your twin says "isnt it so exciting, (players name) tomorrow we'll be able to graduate" before you go to bed, your grandmom tells you about the news and how there have been more earthquakes at mt. peak (working on a better name).

you wake up slowly, look at your clock, and panic! YOUR LATE FOR THE FINAL DAY!!! you immediatly rush over there. you get to the school, just as your twin graduates, you are called to the stage and are given a pokedex and some pokeballs, like every other trainer in school you'll have to catch your first pokemon.

when you and your twin go home to say goodbye to your grandmom, she gets a phone call from raine, telling she would like to see you both at her lab. when you go their she say's
"well, you two i called you here to give you a pokemon"
"but proffessor! new trainer are supposed to catch their own first pokemon" your twin protested
"just follow me" raine replies.
she takes you upstairs, when you enter you ammediatly find yourself in a sort of forest, but you can still see the roof.
you look around and see a strange looking armadillo with leaves all over it basking in the sun . a smug looking, fluffy lizard with fire on its tail, traversing over rocks of all sizes. and a strange shape in the water, when it surfaces it appears to be a sort of eel with a mask of steel, and a heavy-looking ball on its tail.
"proffessor, i've never seen pokemon like these! were did you get them?" you ask.
"well, i did'nt. your father did." she said "it seem's while he was researching pokemon he found these three, extremly rare, ones. he was also the one who built this habitat room for them.
i'm sure he would have wanted you to have them, go ahead, there's three so both of you can take one"
you walk up to a pokemon, and choose it, so does your twin.
when you go downstairs, raine ask's you if you could go to littlebud, town and tell her nephew (who's trying to become a pokemon prof.)
to come back to the lab. but before you can leave, the gang that you saw earlier charges in and battles you. you try your bestand defeat them, but they manage to take what they came for. after that, you start out on a new life, to share adventures with your pokemon.
you've heard that beating the pokemon leauge pay's well, so you decide to challenge them, so you can get enough money to bring your mom home. but inside you have another hope of finding your dad.


armrillo spreel dratle
(no sprites yet)



~new features~
unique storyline.
new vehicle.
new epic ipod thing
150 new pokemon
new moves
new region
new types
tournament mode






gym leader bio's:



the pok-i-pod, is an advanced tool that can do many things. such as.

*check your e-mail (still debating wether to have a phone or not).

*view your awards (yes you get awards).

*listen to pok-i-tunes.

*buy and play minigames.

and much much (mabye) more!

if you want to be on the team you can sign up

open jobs:

fakemon spriters


basic stuff makers

music maker

move animator

pokemon cry maker

tile spriter

overworld and trainer spriters
fakemon sketchers
fakemon sketch colorers (lol)

special job:

bw pokemon animator.


time to do the stuff

proof of work at least two peices

hard workers.

current polls:
bw? or hgss?


if you are on the team you cannot make other people part of it

no being mean if i reject you

if your on the team let me know if you cant get your work done on time

use constructive critisism

feel free to sign up, but dont feel offended if i reject you

~Da team~


animation spriter: the_shadow_maker


pokemon designer: tnguye3

pokemon spriter: metalflygon08

programs used:

rpg maker xp




pocill and flameguru-STARTER KIT





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