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    User Name: MareBear
    Trainer: Mary
    Game: SoulSilver
    Pokemon: Shuppet / Banette
    Time on Game: 13:37

    Badge Case:

    Time for a long update! We literally just beat the Elite Four and became Champion but I'll start off where we left off with my team beating Team Rocket at Goldenrod City. After we crushed Silver again and disbanded Team Rocket, we headed for our final badge in Blackthorn City. At this point Dusk was OHKOing pretty much everything in his path, including Clair and her team and any other trainers we faced. After obtaining our final badge, we headed home to New Bark Town to see Professor Elm. Then, we made our way to see the Kimono Girls and face Lugia, who Dusk defeated pretty easily. Once that was over, we headed for Victory Road and all the while, beating any trainer we came across. By the time we got to the Indigo Plateau and beat Silver for the final time, Dusk was in the middle 60s and still beating everything in sight.

    After stocking up, we then took on the Elite Four on our own. Will went down without a fight thanks to Faint Attack and Shadow Claw. Koga was also easy as well, despite his Forretress spamming Protect the entire match. Bruno was easy thanks to an X-Attack boost and Karen was surprisingly easy, as her Houndoom went down with one Return. Lance was an entire different story though and thankfully I saved before his match 'cause I restarted twice before finding the right combination of items and beating him to earn my spot as Champion of the Johto League!

    Current Team:

    Dusk Level 71 ♂
    Nature : Rash
    Ability : Insomnia
    Item : BrightPowder
    Faint Attack | Shadow Claw | Return |
    Charge Beam
    Current Challenges:
    Badges: 0 / 8
    Completed Challenges:
    Solo Challenges
    Daisy the Golduck, Level 78 (Diamond)
    Dusk the Banette, Level 100 (SoulSilver)
    Favorite Challenge
    Charizard - Roserade - Weavile - Yanmega - Cloyster - Gliscor
    Duo-Species Challenge
    Starmie & Nidoking (LeafGreen)