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Originally Posted by Rockxero View Post
Skills: Music composition, Music Remixing, Competitive Battling
Proof of work: Check my youtube page, Rockxero77
Past experience: Self explanitory
Contact information: PM me here or on Youtube.
Don't really know if you need music, but I see music inserter in the jobs you already have, so maybe you'd like some music to insert!
Plus, the game sounds kind of dark, and sad, dark music is my specialty :D
That would be awesome, your on the team. I have another Music Composer, be he has been on leave for quite some time now. I'll PM you what I need, thanks for wanting to join.

I am in need of a moderate to advanced Beta Tester for my hack, I want to make sure I get most if not all the bugs out before I make a public release. If you want to be a part of the team, post in this thread. If you still want to Beta Test, but not be apart of the team, then just PM me. Thanks.