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    Originally Posted by Ooka View Post
    It seems to me like a large number of your bugs are coming from you overwriting already used space in your game. The only way you can fix that is either finding every bit of used data you've overwritten and replace it with the original (Basically impossible), or my suggestion, you should rethink what you've done with the hack and start from scratch implementing the ideas you've gotten good feedback from in this thread or ideas that have been suggested to you. Again just my suggestion, but it wouldn't be a bad decision for you, especially since it's seems you've already overwritten crucial data for your game to work completely right.

    P.S. If you actually put some time into this hack it might end up being a quality play, but all the parts that could have easily been fixed such as missing movements and warps going wrong places have been neglected due to a hurried pace. Just take your time and work on it, for the sake of the people that actually enjoy it but have to deal with all the bugs and glitches.
    You know what, I just thought about this thoroughly. I guess it would take more time, bit in the long run I guess this is the best thing to do... I started this hack as a budding hacker and continued from there meaning that in the beginning of the hack it might seem as if a kid wrote it but the hack matures over time.

    So I guess the best step to take for the benefit of this hack and everyone who plays it is to simply- Start afresh. I will use JPans patch on a clean FireRed rom and start to rebuild what I have. If I work diligently, I'm assuming there will be a completely new patch waiting for you guys to play. Mythic Legends finally bug free and revamped mentally.

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