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Can i have a super trainer card?

Trainer Card colour/background image:Red
Trainer Name:Legoone
Friend code:0990-4599-0740
Trainer Sprite: I have a custom one
Main Pokemon - pokemon 1:bulbasuar[male,non-shiny]
Pokemon 2: Ditto[non-shiny]
Pokemon 3: charmander[male,non-shiny]
Pokemon 4: Electiver[male,shiny]
Pokemon 5: Golem[female,shiny]
Pokemon 6: Pichu[male,shiny]
Other 16 Pokemon: 8 pikachus all male, non-shiny and 8 raichu all male non-shiny
Badges: 8 badges kanto,8 badges sinnoh,8 badges hoenn,8 badges johto,3 badges issuhu[if u can the badges

Sorry if this is to much can, i know how to make this they seem awesome
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