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    Hex editor is a tool that can be used for hacking any game you desire (or specifically a game made in hexadecimal system, pokemon games use this system).
    Saying that pokemon games "use hex system" is just incorrect; in fact a hex editor is just a program that allows to view internal structure of any file (yes, you can open any file with a hex editor), and all those hex numbers you see are just the bytes that form the file.
    Probably pokemon games were made in C, or similar, then compiled and assembled, and the result is machine language, i.e. a long long string of bits, some of those are ON and some are OFF.
    And, when the file is loaded, the CPU (or, in our case, the emulated cpu) interprets that sequence of bits accordingly to its own internal architecture.

    So it's just that electronic softwares uses this system.

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