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What's the reasoning behind thinking it's Kerudio? Just curious, everyone's been saying that, but I don't understand why.

I don't think it's Zekrom...both he and Reshiram are in the movie, they wouldn't single him out as the hero would they?

I have no idea who it is really.

But my (maybe biased) first thought was N. And then I did some googling and found that others speculate it to be him also.

Here's what pokebeach speculates: "Who could the hero be? The word for “hero” (英雄) is the same word used to constantly describe N in Black and White, so some people are speculating it is either him or the more obvious deduction, Zekrom. Since Pokemon names are always added to the titles later on, I would assume it’s a Pokemon if anything (like Victini and the Dark Hero: Zekrom). Of course, that’s just my personal speculation - we’ll find out the truth soon either way."

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