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    Edited: Accepted RP and their starter + legendary. Also accepting Wild Card pokemon if you don't like starter types. And I'd rather you not include B&W because they are so new... But if you want to you can. Just provide a good enough SU and I'll consider it

    Edited #2: Chapter Reserve

    Title: The Aftermath of the Pokemon War

    The Region:

    We are in a very dark and gloomy region known as Evangeor. In this region there has been chaos for several years. It all started when Giovanni created his Team Rocket organization and had them create an artificial pokemon named Mewtwo. With this new pokemon he defeated the old ruling class and conquered the kingdom. But a mysterious trainer emerged one day with his Arceus and freed Mewtwo from Giovanni's control. The Arceus and Mewtwo waged war against each other for decades which caused all the other legendary pokemon to appear and take part in this war. In the aftermath of the war, many of the legendary pokemon died and others were sealed (Mewtwo as one of them) and others have disappeared from the radar never to be seen again. Arceus, with his last bit of energy left, revived all the pokemon in the world but they were all created in their basic form because that was all the power he had left. No one knows what happened to Arceus after this.

    The Map:

    Region 1: Evangeor ("Starting point." Steven) --> This is where you go to get your pokedex and everything else
    Region 2: Lavignor (Wallace... formerly) = Fossil Territory --> You get your starter here
    Region 3: Rome (Team Rocket Territory) = Psychic Territory
    Region 4: Ghana (Team Rocket Territory) = Ice Territory
    Region 5: Katy (Gary)
    Region 6: Rocket Headquarter (Elites) = Legendaries
    Region 7: Dragnior (Lance)
    Region 8: "Jail" where Giovanni resides = Dragon Territory (Dragonite, Salamence, Garchomp, Altaria, and pre forms
    Region 9: Octavius (Ash)
    And many "in between" regions with local cities ruled by Team Rocket members.

    The Aftermath:

    With the loss of Mewtwo, Giovanni was easily captured by the police. But his other nobles did not face the same fate and they have been wrecking havoc on the village for years now. And you found out that there were higher executives than Giovanni who are now running the show. And you find out that he was just a puppet as they have taken over the region where he is imprisoned and have kept him a prisoner. Employed with their evolved pokemon, they have taken over many of the neighboring states. There are a total of five safe states, each ruled by a "champion" who has banned new trainers from emerging. These states are Evangeor (Steven), Lavignor (Wallace), Katy (Gary), Dragnior (Lance), and Octavius (Ash). Each year they allow five trainers to train and get strong enough to help defeat these Team Rocket foes. But recently one of these champions, Wallace, has fallen and lost his Milotic to the Team Rocket captain of the region. But before the state falls completely, Wallace entrusts ten trainers with special pokemon to help save the world from this evil team. These trainers all have a special aura about them, one that has not been seen since the legendaries. And this takes us to today


    You are starting your journey today in Lavignor and must travel to Evangeor. You are entrusted with a starter pokemon in Lavignor and have to set out on your journey to defeat the Team Rocket enemies. Wallace, before he fell to Team Rocket shielded you from danger and allowed you to leave the land and move to a nearby region, Evangeor. From there, you meet the champion Steven who was a close friend of Wallace. He has given you 5 pokeball, 2 great ball, and 1 ultra ball to start your journey. You have also been entrusted with 5 potions, 2 super potions, and 1 hyper potion while you are out there. Your job is to get strong enough to eliminate the Team Headquarter.

    The Rules:

    1. Spell check please...
    2. Write complete sentences please...
    3. Be active, no activity = Automatic no-no
    4. You only get one legendary so choose wisely
    5. When you attempt to catch a pokemon, say it disappears into the pokeball and I will let you know if you've caught it or not
    6. MOST IMPORTANTLY: You will not leave a new town until I say so
    7. A town will not be saved until everyone defeats the members. But don't worry, there will be chances for you to double battle, or pick another up.
    8. Have fun, please try to enjoy this!
    9. No limit on number of attacks. Yay
    10. If you beat a pokemon trainer (ones I post), you can (and most likely will) gain a pokemon from them. You lose money if you lose.
    11. You can battle each other
    12. You must go all the way back on your journey to your city, or to the newer city in order to heal.
    13. Still only 1 pokemon center a day of training/battling. Unless you lose.

    The Starter Pokemon:

    1. Pikachu: Level 5
    Ability: Static (chance of paralysis if physically contacted by another pokemon)
    Attacks: Thundershock, Quick Attack, Growl, Tail Whip

    2. Charmander: Level 5
    Ability: Blaze (All attacks increase when hurt badly)
    Attacks: Scratch, Ember, Growl, Smokescreen

    3. Totodile: Level 5
    Ability: Torrent (All attacks increase when hurt badly)
    Attacks: Scratch, Water Gun, Leer, Rage

    4. Treecko: Level 5
    Ability: Overgrow (All attacks increase when hurt badly)
    Attacks: Pound, Absorb, Quick Attack, Leer

    5. Torchic: Level 5
    Ability: Blaze (All attacks increase when hurt badly)
    Attacks: Scratch, Ember, Growl, Focus Energy

    6. Mudkip: Level 5
    Ability: Torrent (All attacks increase when hurt badly)
    Attacks: Tackle, Mud-slap, Growl, Water Gun

    7. Turtwig: Level 5
    Ability: Overgrow (All attacks increase when hurt badly)
    Attacks: Tackle, Absorb, Withdraw, Light Screen

    8. Chimchar: Level 5
    Ability: Blaze (All attacks increase when hurt badly)
    Attacks: Scratch, Ember, Leer, Bulk Up

    9. Piplup: Level 5
    Ability: Torrent (All attacks increase when hurt badly)
    Attacks: Pound, Bubble, Water Gun, Growl

    10. Pidgey: Level 5
    Ability: Keen Eye (No lower accuracy)
    Attacks: Gust, Tackle, Sand-attack, Quick Attack

    11. Wild Card! Post SU and I'll get back to you on my answer. Better be a pretty good/decent SU for some Wild Card types. And preferably have 3 evolution chains.

    Stuff you should know before you sign up:
    1. You have 5 pokeball, 2 great ball, and 1 ultra ball
    2. You have 5 potions, 2 super potions, and 1 hyper potion
    3. You start with $50. Important for "pokemon markets" to get pokeballs and also potions.
    4. Only can use poke center to heal once a day. And only if you have battled
    5. You can pick up items
    6. You get a pokemon here and choose your legendary "spirit". This will come into effect later
    7. For many trainers, you will either get (or get to battle) their pokemon if you win. This is especially true for Team Rocket members, as they are meant to be imprisoned afterward and their pokemon are set free. You get a chance to capture one of them, although is is outrageously powerful and extremely angry. And you have to tame it before you capture it...
    8. You can tag team if you choose against Team Rocket
    9. You can battle each other to "level up"
    10. I tell you when you can move on to the new cities. And I'll tell you when a trainer appears to battle. And I choose who can battle him, unless otherwise specified.
    11. You will see some of your favorite trainers from the past series in this game who will battle you and potentially give you a pokemon.
    12. TBD: How to handle the "multiple people can battle ____" and the "people battling each other"

    Sign up sheet:
    Name: [First and last]
    Age: [12-16]
    Appearance: [2 Paragraph Min]
    Your aspirations: [2 Paragraph Min]
    Your personality: [2 Paragraph Min]
    Your background: [2 Paragraph Min]
    Legendary: No Arceus and no Mewtwo. Anyone else is fair game... You only get one so be careful... Maybe more as we go on but for now, only one. I'll give you levels and movesets on a later time.
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