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    Pokemon Atomic!
    Hello, as you propably know, I'm Pokemon I am starting this hacking team as i love pokemon hacking but there are some things i just, well, SUCK at so yeah! Please help me thrive and i shall help You, Urgent!
    Application Form:
    Name: Contact Informaition: Skills: Proof: Reason Why You want to Join:
    Current Projects:
    Pokemon AngelWhite and BlackDestiny:

    Pokemon AngelWhite andBlackDestiny!
    Hi, its Pokemonatoms Here and of course this is my hack Pokemon AngelWhite!
    Once Angels Walked the earth, until One day an angel turned on them and forced them to create an alternate universe called Heaven... but in the meantime created 2 alternate universes so that the Rebel angel could live there, but they didn't know about the oposite universe of Osho, where Humans, Pokemon and dark creatures live. one day the angels stumble upon a boy in that universe named Daniel and they told him to travel to the town to the east, and he did so, when he got there he found a band of angels fighting the demons... the angels told him to collect the orbs of life and destruction and he could descend to hell and fight the Corruptions... and live forever in peace, or will you chose to go with the Corrupted angels and live in a life of death...

    • Angels and Demons
    • New Region, Osho
    • New Overworld sprites
    • New Scripts
    • Some Fakemon
    • Some 5th gen pokemon
    • New Tiles
    • New Story
    • No elite 4
    • No gyms, now corrupted Commanders
    And Some still to come!


    Some OW sprites:

    Guy:Girl Hero Boy: Lady Scientist Heroinne Half an Angel:

    First Map


    • The Creator of the tools I used
    • People who made spriting Tutorials
    • GameFreak
    • Nintendo
    • That's it so far
    Tools Used:
    • Overworld Editor RE
    • A-Map
    • Advance-Sprite-Editor
    • Paint...
    • VBA
    • A-text
    • XSE
    • That's It so far
    Positions Wanted:

    2 Scripter-Me,____

    3 spriter OW-Me,theking6,____

    2 spriter Fakemon-Me,____

    3 Beta Testers -____,____,____

    2 Tile Inserters-____,____
    2 Sprite Inserter-Mudkips4Life,____

    Nothing Here Is Public!

    Current Team Members:

    Me-Mapping-Scripting-Pallete Editing-Spriting-Mapping!
    Mudkips4Life- Mapping-Sprite Inserting!

    Thats it so far!!!
    Looking for a hacking partner.
    Check Out my Hack Team Thread Here
    Or My Pixel Thread Here!!!