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    Originally Posted by psychicboy View Post
    You know what, I just thought about this thoroughly. I guess it would take more time, bit in the long run I guess this is the best thing to do... I started this hack as a budding hacker and continued from there meaning that in the beginning of the hack it might seem as if a kid wrote it but the hack matures over time.

    So I guess the best step to take for the benefit of this hack and everyone who plays it is to simply- Start afresh. I will use JPans patch on a clean FireRed rom and start to rebuild what I have. If I work diligently, I'm assuming there will be a completely new patch waiting for you guys to play. Mythic Legends finally bug free and revamped mentally.

    This seems like a good idea. Sorry for more of my absences, my life is finally stable, so I will be able to help now (with the right resources of course). I wish you good luck and good help in making this hack
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