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    Originally Posted by 2RandomStudios View Post
    after much trial and error, I simply can't get the thumb.bat to work! it gives me errors such as "as.exe is missing" (which it isnt) and "can't compile example1_fr.asm the file does not exist" (which it does)
    Please help!
    I'm guessing you didn't route your cmd prompt to the folder with your ASM stuff.

    If it's on your desktop, then how you route command prompt there would be:
    xp: cd \Documents and Settings\(username for your computer)\Desktop\ASM
    7/Vista: cd \Users\(username for your computer)\Desktop\ASM

    And press enter, and then the command prompt is rerouted to your ASM folder.

    My problems:
    I follow your tutorial, and I get everything to work in the first two lessons with no problems, but even with your "explanations" I don't understand what these codes are actually doing. I'm basically just telling the ROM to behave a certain way without knowing how I'm making it behave that way.
    • What is a callasm?
    • What is buffernumber 0x0 lastresult

    There are others too, and you even define them. An example of that would be:
    .align 2-This aligns the ASM by a multiple of 2, since each instruction is 2 bytes long. (aligning the ASM does what exactly?, and a multiple of two what?)
    push {r0-r1,lr}- This pushes registers r0, r1, and the link register into the stack. (what is {r0-r1,lr}? what is r0, r1, and lr?}

    Look at it from someone else's perspective:
    Gita monooto hon : These are words in another language, and they deal with sound.
    Not specific enough, and provide no real understanding of the material, right?

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