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Originally Posted by xxashxx View Post
Ginj: I fouind out my newly obtained Wish Drowzee's are hacks once again sadly and you have 9 solid posts in your thread on Secure too XD. I am one of them XD.
that sucks and I know
Originally Posted by Hooh54 View Post
Can I have

UT shiny vulpix lv.1
And your shiny UT Riolu?
Sure, use my platinum and JPN SS fcs
Originally Posted by Nudge View Post
Hey, for the shiny giveaway I was wondering I could have these please?
From Your Platinum:
UT shiny eevee lv.1 x2
From Your HG/SS:
shiny parasect lv.40 UT
shiny venomoth lv.8 UT
shiny absol lv.32 UT
Sure, use my platinum and US SS fcs

Originally Posted by Snivy001 View Post
do u still have the UT JP Riolu lv.30 OT: Kite ID: 03208 x2 is that the one that has aura sphere?
and do u have a movie raikou?
I have some shiny pokemon that i can trade u if want
Yup, do you have any events?
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