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Originally Posted by Snivy001 View Post
i have a UT lv.50 VGC09 milotic, a lv.10 MYSTRY mew i don't know if its UT or T, a T FAL2010 mew and UT Goon's Scizor.
would any of them be ok for ur UT ranger Riolu and ur movie Raikou?
I already have those...
Originally Posted by Migit78 View Post
Thanks heaps for the pokes Ginji.
But by any chance would you have a shiny ditto on your Japan game?

sorry, ds batteries were to low so i got kicked
no prob
yes I do have one and I'll trade you the shiny lapras tomorrow "
Originally Posted by TheRichar View Post
Could I have this from the give away?
shiny jolteon lv.100
shiny umbreon lv.100 (Night Lady)
shiny dialga lv.100
shiny kyogre lv.100
shiny gallade lv.100
shiny lucario lv.100
ev'd pkmn are not part of the giveaway sorry
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