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    Originally Posted by Azurne View Post
    Just a comment here: I've seen cases where writers also hit the enter key too many times, and it leaves this nice huge gap which serves no purpose but to make readers use their mouse wheel and scroll through it. I use to do this and not really realize how much of a pain my story was to read until I really looked. Doing it once is okay, like at the end of a chapter to emphasize something, but double/triple spacing paragraphs is too much.

    I was probably in the minority with this problem, but hey it does exist. :p
    Strangely, I've only seen this happen once, and that was completely an accident. O_o Most of the time, the opposite is the problem, where people just don't use line breaks because they don't realize it's actually necessary. Still, if people actually do that deliberately, sure, I could make a note of it.

    As for the scene breaks, fair 'nough there.

    But with the preview idea, I've never actually tried this before, but is it actually possible to switch themes while previewing a post without losing any changes? Because the drop-down box isn't on the preview page, which would mean users would have to change their styles via the User CP/another page and then hit refresh to get an idea of what their post will look like in other themes, right? Just checking before I edit anything in.
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