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Originally Posted by Migit78 View Post
Could I get Shiny Japan Ditto aswell, or is that not for trade?
Sure , I'll be able to trade later today
Originally Posted by TheRichar View Post
Oic, sorry about it then, how about these:? (just one of each)
shiny suicune lv.40 UT *2 left!*
shiny riolu lv.46 x1 UT
shiny manetric lv.41 x3 UT
shiny latias lv.40 UT *1 left!*
shiny dunsparce lv.3 UT
Sure, use my pearl 2, JPN SS and US SS fcs
Originally Posted by Rolayler View Post
Been a while buddy..I really should stop disappearing
lol yeah you need to be more active
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