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Originally Posted by aRedMoon View Post

Emblem: Post it!
I made 6,000 posts in the summer of my modliness. Most in the mod lounge with JA, but still.

Emblem: Committed
Me and JA have been Webbieshipping for about 5 years. We deserve this.
Two in the quote I can hand out seeing as you've met the requirements. I wasn't around when you were a mod on PC or running in the forest with Andrea, so I really have no idea if you deserve the others or not, but maybe another staff who did know you more can! :] As for the mod one, I can give you ex-staff emblem.

Originally Posted by .Aero View Post
Ermmm...could I get my PC Veteran emblem now. :3 Thanks. ;D
Sure thing, pal! Congratulations for sticking around so long.

Originally Posted by Shanghai Alice View Post
If I asked if I qualified, would that pretty much totally kill my chances?

Mind games, so cruel, aru~
What emblem do you think you are qualified for? Perhaps we can look into it and see.