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Loving the game. I still havent beaten the soul challenge. Glad you put the pokemon at high levels. Now I have something to work toward. There are two glitches that I have noticed:

1: When Gastly evolves, the name and picture doesnt change in the menu. It also changed the menu picture of the kadabra I had in my party (not sure if it was a temporary glitch or not because Im doing training and trying to see which pokemon I like better). The last glitch with gastly is at the end of battle. I have Haunter, but when the battle is over, it goes back to gastly, just for those 3 seconds until the screen goes back to the cave, forest, or wherever you are in the game.

2. The second glitch could be my fault because Ive been playing with music in my background, but there are random parts in the game where it lags. Like I said, it could be me playing with music in the background. Im gonna test it out and if its my fault, ill edit this post.

Hope you dont think Im a jerk for only pointing out the glitches in this game, just trying to help you make one amazing game, i told my friend about it yesterday and I honestly believe this is better than the games nintendo releases. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the next release. The effort you put on this game and the speed you do it with, Im sure you'll have version 0.8 out in 2 weeks lol
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