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    Chapter 5

    The next day after Black Jack defeated Mr. Mack in the second round of the Hoenn League, Ash and Pikachu decided to take a walk around the Hoenn League village a few hours before his second round match. Ash held up his pokeball that contained Charizard.

    Im glad Charizard came back for me, Ash said. He mustve heard that I was participating in the league, so he flew all the way from Charizard Valley to get here.
    Pika, Pikachu replied happily, saying that he missed Charizard as well.

    A few years back, Ash and his friends visited Charizard Valley where a trainer was training a vast number of Charizards. Ashs Charizard wanted to train there so much. Knowing that Charizards dream was to become the strongest there is, Ash left him there even though it pained him so much in his heart.

    Back at the present, Ash then had a down look on his face. But what about Sceptile? he said.
    Pika pika? Pikachu asked.
    Sceptile also likes to battle a lot I dont know if hell ever forgive me after what I did.

    Ash remembered that Sceptile was badly hurt after taking a Shadow Ball attack by Wallys Gardevior during their his first round of the League. Ash had a difficult time choosing which one of his pokemon to replace Sceptile until he was fully recovered. Thats when Charizard returned to help Ash out.

    Pikachu leapt onto Ashs shoulder and patted him on the head. Pikapi! Pikachu! Pikachu said, comforting his trainer.
    Thanks, Pikachu, Ash said.

    How is your training, Ketchum? a familiar voice asked.

    Ash turned to the voices direction and it turned out to be Black Jack calling him. Hey, Black Jack, Ash said. I didnt get the chance to talk to you since walked out of the stadium after you won that match yesterday.
    What about it?
    That Sky Uppercut and Fire Spin combo had literally got me off the edge of my seat.
    Thanks. By the way, hows Sceptile?
    Not so good. He has to rest for the rest of the tournament unless hes fully recovered.
    So, whos taking over?

    Ash showed Black Jack the pokeball that contained Charizard. My Charizard, he answered.
    Nice choice, Black jack replied. Just make sure the rest of your pokemon dont need any more medical attention.

    Ash smiled at that remark. Do you know who youre next opponent is? Black Jack asked.
    Yeah, Ash replied. His name is Brendan Birch. Weve met at the pokemon center and we wished each other good luck.
    Hmm well, I better go in case there would be a long cue at the stadium. See ya.
    Bye, Black Jack.
    Good luck.

    Black Jack walked away from Ash as Ash got himself ready for his upcoming battle. As Black Jack walked, he said, Youll probably wont be needing it in the second round but still a little luck doesnt hurt anybody.

    A few hours later, the whole stadium was packed with spectators who were looking forward to the next match. Wally was among the group, along with Black Jack and others. Ash was once again introduced to the crowd as he made his entrance. The spectators gave some deafening cheers for him.

    Ash waited for his opponent as he walked to his respective part of the battlefield. The announcer then introduced Brendan Birch. He came out wearing a black and red jacket, black jeans and red and white trainers. He has a bandanna with a picture of a red pokeball on it. He also had white hair and a confident look in his eyes.

    Hes the guy who helped me catch Gardevior, when it was a Ralts, Wally said.
    Did you guys travel together?
    Yeah, we did. Brendan knows a lot about pokemon, but being a cheeky guy he likes to play tricks on me sometimes, in and outside of pokemon battles.
    Tricksters tick me off, Black Jack snarled.

    Its a good thing Wally told me some stuff about him, Ash thought to himself. I know Brendan likes to play tricks so I better beware.

    Brendan gave a cheeky smile with confidence. Ash may be good, but he has no idea what I have planned.

    The two trainers were reminded that trainers that it was a two-on-two match but one pokemon must be used at a time.

    Gentlemen, the referee said as the computer circulated to select which one of the two trainers would send out their pokemon first. Are you ready?
    Yeah! Im ready! Ash yelled.
    Course I am! You had to ask? Brendan said.

    The computer chose Ash to be the first to pick his pokemon. Alright then! Ash shouted as he took out his pokeball. I choose you! Swellow!

    His Swellow came out of his pokeball and landed safely on the ground, ready for his opponent to come out.

    Hehe! Brendan sjirachied as he took out one of his pokeballs off his belt. Go! Camerupt!

    He tossed out his pokeball and a Camerupt came out of it, ready for battle.

    Go! Camerupt! Flamethrower! Brendan commanded.
    Swellow! Ash yelled. Fly high in the sky now!

    Camerupt shot out his flamethrower attack but missed as Swellow flew high in the sky. Looks like Swellow has an advantage over you, Brendan! Ash said.
    Dont be too sure! Brendan replied. Camerupt! Eruption!

    Camerupt yelled out his battle cry as huge fireballs shot out of the small volcanoes of his back. Swellow barely dodged each one of them. Good job, Swellow! Ash said. Now! Aerial Ace!

    Swellow flew directly at Camerupt and struck his face with its wing. Camerupt staggered backwards but regained his senses. Hang in there, Camerupt! Brendan yelled. Now, while its flying back, use Eruption again!

    Camerupt let out another bunch of huge fireballs out of the volcanoes. Swellow! Ash yelled. Behind you!

    Swellow looked at the incoming fireballs and dodged them, suddenly a huge flamethrower came and it scorched Swellows wing. No! Ash yelled. What happened!?

    Brendan and his Camerupt got Swellow and Ash distracted when Camerupt was shooting out his Eruption attack, followed by his flamethrower, Lao Ping said as he was observing the match. Another distraction or mistake like that and it could be all over.
    Inexperience is one Ashs weaknesses, Black Jack thought deeply. Brendans younger than Ash and is also inexperience but he is more knowledgeable about pokemon since his dad is a pokemon researcher and that he mightve some clever strategies to trick Ash but I have a strong instinct that Ash will win this match but not because of having more experience than Brendan.

    Swellow fell hard on the floor. We got it now, Camerupt! Brendan yelled. Body Slam Attack now!

    Camerupt leapt into the air as Swellow struggled to get to his feet. Swellow! Get out of the way! Ash cried.

    Swellow looked at the incoming Body Slam and instantly rolled out of the way, barely dodging the attack.

    Phew! May said as she began to sweat. I almost had a heart attack there.
    I forgot to breathe myself, Max said. And Im only watching the match.

    Swellow return! Ash yelled as he held out his pokeball. The injured Swellow was zapped back into its pokeball.

    Ash has called back Swellow and may use it again as a reserve, the referee announced. Ash, choose your second pokemon.

    Ash smiled confidently as he chose his second pokeball. Go! Charizard! Ash yelled as he tossed it out.

    Charizard materialised out of the pokeball and let out a loud roar.

    Black Jack sensed the fire, passion and rage within Charizard. Hmm. I can tell that Ash has trained him very well, he thought. Brendan can try to knock him out but theres nothing he can do here.

    A fire type versus fire type, Brendan said. Even though you reserved youre injured Swellow, you shouldnt make too challenging for yourself, since youre on your second pokemon!
    Dont worry about me, Brendan, Ash replied. Just worry about your Camerupt and your second pokemon.
    I wont need to, Brendan thought to himself. Youll see why.

    Charizard! Ash yelled as he pointed at Camerupt. Headbutt attack!
    Camerupt! Brendan shouted. Flamethrower attack!

    Camerupt shot out his flamethrower attack but Charizard confidently dodged the attack as he flew towards him. As Ash expected, Charizard headbutted his opponent in the face.

    Way to go, Charizard! Ash yelled. Now Mega Punch attack!

    Charizard did as he was instructed and gave a hefty punch to the side of Camerupts face sending him flying. Camerupt! No! Brendan yelled worringly.

    Now! Body Slam attack! Ash commanded. Charizard leapt into the air and grabbed Camerupt by the neck and slammed his face on the ground, knocking him out.

    Realising this, the ref raised a coloured flag. Camerupt is no longer able to battle, Charizard wins this round and Brendan is now on his last pokemon.

    Way to go, Charizard! Ash yelled happily as Charizard roared triumphantly.
    Dont get too excited, Brendan replied as he called back his pokemon. He picked out his second pokemon. Go Swarmpert!

    A large blue mudfish pokemon came out of his pokeball and yelled out his battle cry. Hmm, Ash murmured as he checked his pokedex.

    Swarmpert, the mud fish pokemon, his pokedex stated. Swarmpert predicts storms by sensing subtle differences in the sounds of waves and tidal waves with its fins. If a storm is approaching, it piles up boulders to protect itself.

    I can tell its a water type, Ash thought to himself. Still, I cant withdraw Charizard to get Swellow out, cos itll get him even more hurt.

    Why isnt Ash withdrawing his Charizard? Max asked. I hope he realises that fire types are weaker than water types.
    He does, Misty replied. You saw how injured Swellow was and knowing Ash, he doesnt know how to quit.
    Brendan is being less brave than Ash is, Black Jack thought. Water types have an advantage against fire types, not that it matters since Charizard will win in the end.

    Go for it, Charizard! Ash yelled. Fly attack!
    Swarmpert! Brendan yelled. Water gun!

    Swampert shot out a large spray of water out of his mouth. Charizard flew high in the air before Swarmperts attack reached him.

    Charizard! Attack Swarmpert with your Mega Punch! Ash yelled.

    Charizard dived down at Swarmpert and aimed his punch at him. Swarmpert! Brendan yelled. Water gun again!

    Swarmpert sprayed another water attack at Charizard but missed as Charizard quickly dodged out of the way. Charizard went to give Swarmpert a punch to the face but Swarmpert grabbed it.

    Use your other paw, Charizard! Ash yelled.
    Swarmpert! Grab it! Brendan yelled.

    Charizard used his other paw to punch but Swarmpert grabbed that as well. Charizard! Try to break out of that hold! Ash yelled.
    Swarmpert! Seismic Toss! Brendan ordered.

    Both pokemon were struggling in their test of strength to gain an upper advantage until

    Swarmpert! Use water gun! Brendan yelled.
    What! Ash yelled in shock.

    Swarmpert spat some water out of his mouth and it landed in Charizards eyes, making him lose concentration. Swarmpert used the advantage to grab Charizard round the middle and leapt into the sky.

    We got him now, Brendan thought.

    This is the part of your loss, Brendan, Black Jack thought as he observed Swarmpert attempting to slam Charizard.

    Charizard! Ash yelled. Flip Swarmpert over to counter!
    Say what!? Brendan yelled in shock.

    Charizard turned Swarmpert around in mid-air and Swarmpert fell hard on his back, letting go of Charizard.

    Charizard became free as he flew high in the sky. Charizard! Finish it off with Flamethrower!
    No way! Brendan said still in shock as Swarmpert to get up. Swarmpert move out of the way!

    Charizard shot out a huge and powerful lick of flame, Swarmpert wasnt able to move out of the way because of how much damage he took thanks to Charizards counter.

    After catching the flamethrower attack, Swarmpert became dizzy and was covered with burnt marks. Swarmpert fell to the floor once again but this time he was knocked out. Swarmpert! No! Brendan cried as he ran over to him.

    Swarmpert is no longer able to battle, the referee cried. Charizard wins the round and Ash Ketchum wins the battle!

    We did it! Ash cried.
    Pikachu! Pikachu squealed happily.
    Charizard roared loudly in triumph.

    The crowd went wild as the stood up and gave a deafening cheer. As I suspected, Black Jack thought, as he remained seated while clapping his hands.

    Ash walked over to Brendan. Great match, Ash said.
    It really was, Brendan replied as he smiled while calling back his Swarmpert.

    Ash offered his hand of friendship and sportsmanship to Brendan and he proudly accepted it. I thought that water pokemon can take fire attacks, Brendan said. I guess life is full of surprises.
    You certainly surprised me a couple of times, Ash replied. If you can come up with tricks as good as that, youll do well.
    Thanks, Ash.

    Black Jack was the first person to leave the stadium as usual. Cassandra couldnt help but wonder why he was always the first person to leave

    A few hours later, Wally had a backpack over his shoulder was about to leave. But first he had a visit from Ash and friends, including Black Jack. Leaving so soon? Ash asked.
    Yeah, Wally replied. Sorry I cant stay for the rest of the league but I had a call from my parents asking me for my help back home in Petalburg city.
    Say hi to my mom and dad for me and Max, May said.
    Arent you gonna wait until the officials give you a badge for participating? Brock asked.
    Nah I think Ill leave it, Max replied.
    Suppose I can help you out, Cassandra said as her Gardevior walked beside her.
    Gard, Gard Gardevior, Gardevior said while blushing.
    I think Gardevior wants to talk to yours, Balck Jack said.
    Er okay, Wally replied as he let his Gardevior out of his pokeball.

    Cassandras Gardevior walked over to Wallys, who was also blushing when he looked at her, and took his paw and they walked over to a corner where they wont be disturbed.

    I think my Gardevior has got a crush on yours, Cassandra said while giving Wally a wink.
    Really? Wally asked in a surprised tone.
    Yeah, and if things work, I bet Gardevior would want to see him again.
    I have all the time in the world, Black Jack continued. After this tournaments done, Ill take the badge to you by motorbike. Along the way, Ill pick Cassandra up and so that her Gardevior will visit yours.
    Sounds great, Wally replied.
    I never knew youd be thoughtful, Misty said.
    Well, I try my best, Black Jack replied.

    When they walked to the exit of village, the Gardevior were still holding paws while Wally and Cassandra looked at their pokemon happily. Cmon, Gardevior, Wally said. Lets go.

    The two gardevior looked into each others eyes and nuzzled each other one more time before they departed. As Wally and his Gardevior left they waved goodbye to their friends. To tell you something, Cassandra, Black Jack said. I think we should come up with a nickname for your Gardevior.
    Hmm I dont know, Cassandra said. Why dont we let Gardevior decide?

    Gardevior shrugged, meaning that she didnt mind. The gang walked back to the pokemon center discussing ideal names for Gardevior.

    How about Jenny? Brock suggested.
    Youre not naming her after Officer Jenny are you? Misty said nastily.
    Er no, Brock responded nervously.
    How about Kelly? May suggested.
    Gardevior shook her head.
    How about Snow White? Max suggested.
    Gardevior shook her head again.
    Well, we cant name her after me, Cassandra said. Jesse?
    Everyone shivered at that name (apart from Lao Ping and Gardevior) as Gardevior shook her head again.

    Sandy? No?
    How about Gardy? Not that either?
    How about this, Shelly?
    No? How about Joy?
    Oh, sorry.

    Oh man, Black Jack moaned, wishing that he had never started this in the first place.
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