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Originally Posted by 560cool. View Post
Larrysa. Like, female Larry teh Looter. :-D
Anyways, you need bugger updates. Not 300+ pictures, just, like 60, but not 10.
I love commas
Ok, ok, you tell me a way of putting up more than ten images when I've just caught another one. Immediately afterwards.
I'm going to catch everything available in the game so far!
Apart from Silcoon/Cascoon. And maybe Poochyena.
And Wingull.
Definitely not Wingull.
But you get to choose the names!
Also, I am going to keep one of them in my immediate party based on the votes of the viewers.
So yeah, *micro* updates. (emphasis on micro) From here until I have caught Everything.
Except Wingull. Never Wingull. Not after that thanksgiving...