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    I'm another Hoenn lover, this is my favorite series as well.

    It was refreshing to see a new group for the first time, and I didn't mind Max at all. It was interesting to see a four person group this time. Pokemon Contests were a wonderful new idea at the time, it really shouldn't have been repeated. May was a great character and I liked how she actually went through character development. She started out thinking she was going to take on the gym challenge and she didn't even like Pokemon, but she made some major progress.

    The Battle Frontier is my favorite series in the show, period. It was a great mix of the old and the new. You have Ash actually using his older Pokemon, and then you have all the new DP Pokemon appearing; this saga gave me major hype. Other things I liked about this saga were the episodes involving Pokemon Rangers and legendary Pokemon, the latter should really be used a bit more often in the anime.