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Just thought I would let you know that I found two more bugs. I promise I am not looking for them, I just like raising my pokemon.

1. Its another gastly/haunter bug. Struggle is missing. The "0" pp it uses is there, but the name is not. Idk if you meant to keep it out because when I use the attack, it doesnt work. (I really like gastly/haunter/gengar)

2. The second deals with Onix. I try to put him on my team and the game crashes.

Those are the only bugs that I have found, but there is a question I would like to ask. I'm glad that you made a second battle to get a second of the original starters, but will be making a third battle to get the 3rd one?

Originally Posted by Omn View Post
I am trying to figure out how long it takes for the t1 virus to appear when you battle the first AI cause hasn't shown up after i got him to his pure form
When he goes to his pure form you have to use Eevee (whatever form its in) to beat him. When its Eevee's turn, you go to items and use the T1 virus and its over.
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