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    Originally Posted by Ivee View Post

    Thread for the patch on the physical/special split for Firered. Btw your attack tool is excellent, I like being able to change the move descriptions.
    Ah, thank you.

    According to his thread, he's using the second byte of the padding data, so I'll make that one available to edit. I'll also add a macro that'll set that byte to 0 or 1 depending on whether it's physical or special respectively in DP. If you aren't using his physical/special system, it shouldn't affect anything, though that fire/electric error he speaks of is very disheartening.

    Btw, there's an error concerning the contest data stuff in the latest version, so that will be fixed in the next as well. As always, backup your rom in case something goes wonky. I'll get around to fixing/implementing the new version as soon as I can...
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