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    -Twlight: Whoo. Sparkling vampires
    -Harry Potter: I don't think it's terrible, just isn't my thing, I s'pose.
    -Star Wars: Again, it's probably just not my thing. But I feel like I'm gonna get people yelling at me for it.
    -Call of Duty: Ugh. Everyone's going crazy about Black Ops, but it's the SAME. DANG. GAME.
    -Facebook: Sure, I have a Facebook like everyone else, but so many people are obsessed over nothing. It's an easy way to keep in contact with people, but eh, that's all.
    -iPods: Overpriced with alternatives that do more.
    -All the random Disney "stars": Especially Miley. She's such a terrible role model for kids and I really dislike her for it.
    -Justin Bieber: Yeah. I'm honestly confused.
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