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    Name: Kaylin The'eba

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Kaylin is a fairly short girl with a height of 5'4". She doesn't have much of anything on her bones, be it fat or muscles. Her skin is mostly white with a very slight hint of a tan on it. Her face is oval with wide eyes, a sharp nose and a thin mouth. Her eyes are green and her hair is brown with some blond highlights in it.

    Usually, Kaylin wears a blue long sleeved shirt with a white boarded around the cuffs. She also wears a darker blue long shorts that goes just past her knees. She wears white running shoes with white socks. Around her neck is a choker in the shape of a Dragonair biting its own tail. Kaylin also wears a blue bandanna that has the shape of a white crystal on it.

    Your aspirations:Kaylin has never had too many aspirations in her life. She was fairly young when the war came to an end, and during that time her only goal was to follow her mother and stay alive. When some form of peace came and her family moved to Lavignor, she just wanted to get good grades and have friends. Then she discovered her love of water and wanted to be a really good swimmer. Of course, she also wanted to a Pokemon trainer and travel the world, but that didn't really seem possible.

    When Kaylin learned that her biggest dream might indeed be possible, Kaylin wanted to follow that dream with all her heart. She did her best to learn about the different Pokemon and what they are good at. She really thought that things would turn out for the better. Then Team Rocket came. Now Kaylin has only two goals; survive and find a way to defeat Team Rocket to make them pay for what they did to her home.

    Your personality: Kaylin is a very quiet girl. She never really talks and can often be seen by herself. Kaylin doesn't really like or trust people and can have a hard time working with them. She will also run away from a situation if she can. This causes her to be a bit of a coward. She also talks to herself quite a bit and this can make people want to avoid her.

    But, if she really cares about something or someone, then she will stay (not happily) and help out. Where she is shy and naive around people, she does great with Pokemon. Kaylin really gets along with them well and they seem to be attracted to her. As long as there is a Pokemon by her side, Kaylin can usually overcome her lesser points. She can also be very loyal to anyone who she thinks can help her or who has helped her out in the past. If she wants to be friends with someone, she usually works really hard to be their friend, though this can turn people off just as much.

    Your background: Kaylin was born to a general and his wife. During the war, the general tried to get involve in with Arceus. He was only apart of one battle before he was killed. Kaylin's mom did the best that she could to raise her daughter during the circumstanses. At first, it was just to move from safe haven to safe haven. Then, when there were some states that were deemed "free" from Team Rocket, she went to the closest one she could find: Lavignor.

    Once there, Kaylin was often alone because her mom worked multiple jobs. She spent a lot of this time studying about Pokemon and training. She seemed to have a real nack for it, which caught the attention of Wallace. When he tested her on a few battles, he found real talent in the young girl. So, he gathered her up with about nine others and started to train them. Then Team Rocket invaded them and Kaylin found herself on the run again, though she will do the best she can to avange Wallace's sacrifice.

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