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I'm catching up XD I enjoyed this episode, and I'm glad they kept TR away from the match (like they seem to do with most DP gym battles). So, now Infernape's Blaze problem is resolved~

- Cheerleader outfit~
- lol what, the robot's voice is so weird XD
- Flint is speaking really slowly o_O
- I suppose Fire Punch is good on Electivire for the anime..
- Torterra never wins o.o
- Why does Ash use Thunderbolt when it didn't work the first time o.o
- That Fire Punch on Pikachu looked stupid >_>
- What's with the way Flint's talking? o.o
- Ew, forgot about Luxray's awful dub voice
- Oooh, Pikachu knowcked out by electric attacks
- Urghhhh, I hate how TPCI makes them say "for sure!" as filler speech all the time o.o
- Heh, TRs hair is supposed to be like Flint's, I'm sure
- Gotta admit Infernape looks cool in that lighting
- Love that at least they don't have dub music for the flashback
- Infernape so craazy
- Oooh, walking like a zombie to Ash o.o
- Ash: We're cool -_-
- URGHHHH, WHY'D they switch to dub music >_____<

Music kept: (7)

RBY Opening theme
TR sneaking theme
GSC Rival battle
Pikachu uses Quick Attack
RBY Opening theme
DPPt Gym battle
Infernape's Blaze starts
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