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Name: April Vesil

Gender: Female:

Age: 16

Apperence: April has never been a tall girl, she roughly stands at 5'3" and weighs 115. She has shoulder length straight light blonde hair and Oakwood colored almond eyes. A couple strands of her hair, on both sides, are braided. They are pulled back to meet. Her eyes are said to have no sparkle, they are dull. Howere she uses that to her advantage when she wants the truth out of somebody. April has peach white skin, so much that she is often thought as a ghost. Though this is when somebody only glances at her. She has a small nose that she crinkles whenever she gets embarrased or upset. When she was younger April had a problem with freckles all over her nose and cheeks. They are still there, but they are very light. They almost blend into the color of her skin.

April is usually wearing a long sleeve white shirt with a modest neckline. The sleeves cover her hands. The shirt also has a cape-like hood on the back of it. She has light blue ribbon loosely tied around her sleeves, it goes from her shoulders to her wrists. When the ribbon ends meet it makes a X all the way down her sleeves. The rest off the ribbon, about half a foot, flows down, sweeping the floor as she walks. She is also wears a black knee length skirt. On her feet are black dress shoes that have a black buckle going across the top of the front.

Aspirations: April's father was all for fighting for freedom and April followed his footsteps, hoping he'd make time for her. Her mom wanted freedom but didn't want to have to fight to get it.

Since she could walk she wanted to be a Pokemon trainer. April was amazed by all Pokemon. After Team Rocket took over she swore that she'd help free people and pokemon alike.

When April was young she use to read books about an elite group of pokemon called Ledgendaries. She kept this book close to her bed. April read it every night before going to bed.
One night when April was 6 and the war was still going strong. She was in bed going to bed when she heard a faint cry. April ran to her window, almost tripping over herself. She looked around the ground, nothing. Looked around the trees, also nothing. Then she looked up into the sky and seen something fly overhead. It was small and yellow and white. April didn't know what it was, it wasn't like anything she had seen. So she went and got her Ledgendaries book. She looked for a ledgendary that was only yellow and white. The only one that matched was Jirachi, the wish pokemon.

Personality: April is a very quiet and researved girl. She learned at a very young age that talking gets you nowhere. That you need to take action. Her laugh is hardly known, since she won't laugh in the company of others. April guards herself as a child guards a treasured blanket or bear. Letting anybody too close means danger.

April wasn't always like this, as a young child she was a happy go lucky kid. Once she got older she became more distant, which happens when you have nobody to play with. Well, that's not completely true (See History).

History: April is from a middle class family. She spent most of her childhood alone. No, she wasn't an orphan, she grew up with both a mom and dad. Even though she had both parents she was by herself. Her parents were always working and she was an only child. They were working to give April everything they couldn't have as children. April's parents came from relativaly poor families. Made enough to put food on the table and pay the bills. Never anything extra

At first April would tug on her mother's skirt, or on her father's psnts to try and get them to play with her. Though after a million failed attempts she stopped trying. She was ok wit the few choice words they said to her.

At an early age she learned how t entertain herself. April would look around the house for something to do. Her favorite things were a pile of wood by the shed, the abandoned barn and a small hole in the ground. She loved watching the hole for hours, because she would see a Buneary come in and out of the hole all the time. One time April even tried to dig her way to the Buneary's house underground. It didn't end well, she keept throwing the dirt back into the hole.

April actually had a friend for a couple years, his name was Henry. Henry was a couple years older then her, he was eight and she was six. They use to play together all day, getting into any trouble they could. To tell you the truth April had a crush on him, which makes what happened even more hard on her.

One day while they were playing, they were nine (him) and seven, Henry's mom came over. She was mad and started to yell. Henry's mom grabbed Henry by the arm and started pulling him away. Before they got out of earshot April heard his mom say."I don't want you to be playing with the likes of her!"

Legendary: Jirachi
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