Thread: FireRed hack: The Ultimate Black/White Demake!
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    Originally Posted by Teh Blazer View Post
    Hey, there's an Update in here!

    Well, in all honesty, there are two reasons why I choose to do it now.
    1) I'm impatient
    2) I want people to see what the games were like before translations. before the cheesy English names and such. Plus, I want it to have that "different" feel too. It's definitely not going to change to the Unova region.

    Now the Slightly Disappointing Updates!
    In the meanwhile that this hack goes unnoticed, I have been (somewhat) working hard on it. One thing I did do (and said so in my previous post) was edit the moves and begin inserting icons. I'd show you some icons, but I forgot to take them before I closed VBA. Plus, I didn't save so I decided to not show you my half-work (only half of the icons were replaced, I find it hard to find the two-frame icons) and wait for another day. So for now:

    (And yes, I do notice the error in Zoroark's Pokedex Entry)
    In the game resources section there's all the B/W icons, both frames. This hack looks pretty nice, although I'm not a fan of the tiles. Good luck, I'll be checking back occasionally.