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    My (finished) SU!:

    Name: Cirru Vuah

    Age: 12

    Gender: Female

    The most striking thing about Cirru is that she only has one leg. Also, she has black skin. Which is weird, becuse her parents had white skin. She has black, curly hair that never droops below her shoulders. Her eyes are brown. Cirru is five feet tall, and she weighs in at 55 kilograms. Also she has a Zapdos tattoo on her left forearm. She also has a Darkrai tattoo on her right forearm.

    She can often be found wearing a white tank top, with quite thick horizontal blue stripes. She almost never wears a coat, but when she has to, she wears a black woolen sleeveless jacket. Her jeans are denim, though she can be found wearing brown variations. Cirru wears black socks, but only when she has to wear socks. She often wears red sandals, as they let her feet touch the air. She also holds crutches most of the time, due to the fact she only has one leg.

    Your aspirations:
    Cirru wants to become the best airborne Pokemon trainer. She wants to train Pokemon that levitate and/or fly, because of an event in her childhood. A Pidgeotto helped her get around.

    She also wants to find her real parents. Ever since they abandoned her at a young age, she has wanted to find out more about them.

    Also, she wants to help tame wild Pokemon, to get them ready for being a starter pokemon. She is best at taming basics, like Pikachu and Azurill, but she can tame stage ones like Charmeleon if she has to. However, she cannot tame fully evolved Pokemon, like Charizard, Vaporeon or Absol. She does this so trainers can have a choice of a wide variety of starter Pokemon

    However, her main aspiration is to find out how to enable humans to fly or levitate. This is because she is fascinated by flying on the back of wild bird Pokemon, and believes that humans should be able to fly too. So, she will study the DNA of bird Pokemon to find out how to make humans fly. To a lesser extent, she will try her best to make humans levitate.

    Your personality:
    Like her name, Cirru is quite mysterious. Not many people know much about her, and the only people that know lots about her are her really close friends. And Cirru doesn't have many close friends since she finds it hard to bond with people. However, she finds it easier to bond with Pokemon, especially flying and levitating ones. Cirru also has a special ablility to tame wild Pokemon. Unless Cirru is your friend, she will not show her real personality to you.

    But if she considers you a friend, she will show her real personality to you. Her real personality is a happy and playful one. Cirru loves to play and have a laugh. Joking around is her game when with her real friends. She often forgets about the fact she only has one leg,and lives life to its fullest.

    When in battle, Cirru is quite unpredictable. Using many different strategies, it is unknown what move she will make next. However, she is more defensive then offensive. Cirru never uses brute force, always thinking first about battle strategies. Cirru will always use type advantages and disadvantages to her advantage.

    Your background:
    Cirru was born in Violet City, a town famous for raising bird Pokemon. Falkner, the Gym Leader, was her father, and her mother was just a Gym Trainer. Falkner being her father, she was taught how to take care of bird Pokemon when she was five years old, in the hope of her being the next Gym Leader.

    However, things were not to be that way when Cirru discovered how to fly on bird Pokemon. Watching other trainers fly to and from Violet City, she pretended to do the same, pretending to be a bird Pokemon. When Cirru was seven years old, Falkner taught her how to fly on a Pidgeotto. Cirru quickly adapted to this, soon being able to fly on a Pokemon on her own. This was useful in her later life.

    For when Cirru was ten years old, a criminal robbed her home. Cirru noticed it, but to avoid getting caught, the criminal shot her leg. She went to hospital the day after, but the nurses were forced to amputate. For a while, Cirru and her family couldn't afford crutches because of the operation costs, but Cirru managed to get around by flying on a Pidgeotto. Soon, Falkner could afford crutches for his daughter. He bought some and gave them to Cirru. Cirru adapted to the crutches.

    One day when Cirru was eleven, Cirru and her family were attacked by the same criminal who attacked them earlier. This time, he was with a bigger group. Team Rocket. However, Team Rocket had a pursuer. Wallace, the Champion of Hoenn was their pursuer. Wallace used his Milotic to protect Cirru and her family, but instead he got caught by the Rockets.

    Fastforward a year, and now Cirru is ready to start her Pokemon journey. She hopes to be the best bird Pokemon trainer ever.

    Starter: Pidgey

    Legendary: Darkrai

    So, am I accepted?
    Third time's the charm, right~?
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