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Wow...I have been waiting for this day.

At least SOMEBODY is ACTIVELY WORKING on a 4th Gen map editor. Let alone a 4th AND 5th gen Map editor!

Dude...if this becomes public, you ALL can bet that for my promotional project to kick off the 4th and 5th gen hacking REVOLUTION...I will port my current GBA hack...Pokemon Limestone to the DS platform! Because I plan to have two regions in Pokemon Limestone, I would need to use Heart Gold and Soul Silver as my base ROMs.

3D may seem complex at first, but it can be easier to use and faster to create maps when compared to 2D ones. However, when you look at a 3D map like a 2D map...that is where thing become complicated.

Link_971, you are now working on the FINAL STEP for interesting 4th and 5th gen hacking to be successful!

There is already an Overworld Sprite editor, Trainer editor, and Script Editor. (Don't beleive me? Check out Project Pokemon!) So this 4th and 5th gen MAP EDITING TOOL is just what the Doctor Ordered! I am now completely excited for this tool to become public! I hope you succeed!

Link_971, I hope this becomes public soon!
As always, take your time to make sure that when this becomes public, that it is free of all the nasty bugs and errors that would crash ROMs.
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