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    Ok... I just HAVE to say this is officially my favorite hack out of them all, and I haven't even played or really LOOKED at any of the others. I have always been a fan of the PMD series because you got to be a Pokémon, rather than a "trainer". This? It takes that concept to a completely new level. I almost can't even believe it's actually a RUBY hack. It looks, and even feels, like you hacked PMD to do all of this! You have done an absolutely WONDERFUL job, and I will support you in every way possible. Maybe I should really learn ASM, so I can help you with using it. As it seems, you're already a quite competent scripter, spriter, and musician. Even so, I'd love to help you on this project. I definitely support this hack, and will be adding it to my signature momentarily.

    To sum my thoughts up... Your hack exemplifies the reason I'm a Pokémon fan. I would love to see it as a finished product, and you are also now my favorite Rom Hacker.

    PS: Your hack actually gave me ideas on how to make a Pokemon-only game, much like yours =D I doubt it'll be as good as yours is, but hey, you never know. =P

    Edit: OK, I've looked at Pokemon Identity, and I like it, but your hack so far is still my ultimate favorite. =D
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