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    I'm so excited about this! Great idea.

    Sign up sheet:
    Name: Ada Knight
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Ada has always been known as 'older than she looks' as she is tall and always has short, fashionable hair. She is about 5'6 feet, and hs an athletic, though it's not as toned as she'd like it to be, she is happy with it. She has a oval shaped face and a small hint of cheekbones. Her eyes are big and her eyebrows are arched, sometimes giving her a fierce expression when she's deeply thinking. Her hair is black at the back, with pink in the front as as side side fringe, and it's usually messy as she feels it reflects her life that way. Her eyes are a steel blue colour, but in some lights they look grey.
    She usually wears quite dark makeup, and she has a nose stud and several ear piercings. She also has a long scar running up the side of her face, and it's a couple inches long and runs over her cheekbone.
    Your aspirations: Ada feels that she shouldn't be like everyone else, instead of benefiting herself she wants to benefit others, especially pokemon. She wants to open up rescue centrues when she's older, but moslty she wants to put a stop to people who abuse them - like Team Rocket. She attends campaigns and donates money to any charities that are trying to do the same. She hates Team Rocket, and wants to put a stop to them once and for all.
    She feels that her alter pokemon is the Psychic Mesprit, once in Sinnoh when she was walking past a lake she saw a shadow of her go past, then a couple years later when she was 13, she saw Mesprit in the distance, like she's her guardian.
    Your personality: She's an incredibly sweet girl, who can charm her way into anything. She's very non judgemental and tries her best to be friends with good people and she helps them whenever they need her. She also loves pokemon, her favourite type being the Psychic or Electric type, due to having extreme power but kindness too. She believes in love, but kindness acts more, so she supports that theory 100%. But, if you get on the wrng side of her you'll face her temper, which is a very long fure, but a powerful one.
    She loves her family the most, especially her older brother who's managed to defeat Cynthia a long time ago, she looks up to him for advice & guidance more than anyone.
    Your background: Born into a poor family, she learnt that you have to 'earn your keep' and did a lot of chores when she was younger, therefore knows discipline. Her parents divorced when she was young, but she was lucky that they lived close next to eachother and that she didn't have to 'choose' a parent because they were always there. The best thing was that at Christmas her dad would come and celebrate with them, and there would be no prrblem.
    Like before, she looks up to her brother, Luke, as a rolemodel, sue to him being very strong & wise. Here she also developed her love of pokemon, spending a lot of time at the day centre down the road.
    Starter: A: Wildcard (surprise me! A psychic or electric please . B: Charmander C: Piplup
    Legendary: Mesprit [if not Mesprit then Celebi]
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