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- I don't understand the obsession with Halo. I had a joke about it, but it comes off as offensive to some, or well, it might. So I'll leave this at that.

- TWILIGHT. Vampires aren't supposed to sparkle or be handsome devils. This is a freaky obsession, imo. Edward isn't even that good looking.

- Alcohol is major too. I have no drive to drink right now, so I guess that's why I don't understand. But it's like...why do you wanna drink so much that you don't even remember the fun time (and even then, you might not be having a fun time) you're having? And I'm also afraid of people putting stuff in drinks. So I'm just avoiding it; I'm not getting raped or anything cause I mean, look at me. I just don't get the hype over it.

- Japan. People are too obsessed with everything Japan does, says, breathes, eats, everything. And then weeaboos come out of it. Make it stop. :(

- Console fanboyism. If you know me, you know I stick with Nintendo through almost everything, but I'm not so obsessed to think that they win at everything. I can admit I play my 360 more than my Wii or something, but some people won't even get consoles from other companies because they're just that weird about it. If you care more about sticking to one company rather than playing good games, you're going to miss out on some good stuff. Unless you're an FPS nut which leads me to...

- Shooter games in general. If you're going to play shooters, that's fine, but please tell me you have other tastes. You're not much of a gamer if you can't even pop in an RPG or something else every once in a while imo.
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