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    - Hating on Justin Bieber and Twilight. I wouldn't have even know about neither of them if it weren't for the haters. The haters are just as bad, in the end.

    - Zombies. They're in everything, I liked them in One Piece but only there did I like them (and that could be because they aren't brainless and are more of a parody on zombies). People talk about how overrated vampires are and I'm like what? Zombies are so much more popular, and I just can't even understand why. I can't wait for the fad to die.

    - Led Zeppelin. Stairway To Heaven is good but the rest of their songs are just annoying.

    - Summer/Spring/Warm Weather. I understand not wanting snow and ice, but those seasons are just way too hot, and tornadoes are way more dangerous than the minor winter storms we get where I live.

    - Butterflies. They're bugs. Yet, I know people like my sister who hates bugs but loves butterflies. That makes no sense.

    - Japan. I like anime and manga but I do not see the fascination with Japan and how everybody feels like they have to act Japanese and add random Japanese words (that they probably don't even fully understand) into their sentences. So what if you like cartoons and comic books from another country, it doesn't make you a part of their culture.

    - Anime girls. They aren't real, and they really aren't anything close to real. I don't see how people are attracted to them. As would be assumed, I also don't get fanservice either. It's dumb.

    - Cats. Okay, the animal itself is fine. Not my favorite (dogs are better), but the obsession with people with cat ears and tails is something I really don't understand. I think this is the worst in the anime community so it's kind of related to the above one.

    - Gintama, FLCL, Katekyo Hitman REBORN!. The fans' act like they are the best things they have ever seen. Gintama isn't funny. FLCL is boring, and Katekyo Hitman REBORN! is very generic to the point of fault.

    - Celebrities. Why should I care about them?

    - Alcohol. I guess I was crazy because I waited until I was the right age to have my first drink. In fact, I waited until three months after. It wasn't any good. I don't see how people can drink. If people want to drink lightly that is their right, but if they start trying to convince me to drink again they've taken it too far. That stuff is nasty, and I have enough health issues as it is.