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Originally Posted by AdvancedK47 View Post
I don't want to give out to much, but I have a sort of story I want to see I can exercise.

It all started with Dragons, Iris (Pokemon Anime), and Relatives. From there, I spun out a conflict between two sisters related to Iris fighting each other for a sort of power as Dragon Warriors. I subdivided the action into 4 parts, an introduction, Iris's story, a journey to find hidden objects, and the final conflict.

The names of the sisters I believe would be Veronica and Haemona. Them and Iris descend from an ancient civilization/specie of human called The People of the Dragons. After some legends which I'm still working on, Veronica and Haemona will conflict. Iris will also play an important role here. I think it'd probably be sort of violent.

Anyways, I'm not new to writing, it's just time management that I need to adjust. But I feel like I can probably develop enough from this.
Real quick, when you say "two sisters related to Iris," you mean those sisters are Iris' cousins, or the three of them are siblings? Just want to make sure.

Anyways, this sounds interesting. Am curious though what does the title Dragon Warrior means and also what the hidden objects have to do with the plot. Perhaps those objects needed to be found in order to be a Dragon Warrior?
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