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    First RP, be nice please...

    Name: Morgan Whitewood



    [appearance sheet to be posted soon] 5 ' 9", slender and gracious. Morgan has white skin, always tanned from the days under the sun, and freckles. Her hair is brown, wavy and short, in an "Amelie Poulain" style. Her hands are longs and gracious, and she's got long nose ans deep brown eyes. She likes to wear light blouses, jeans and comfortable sneaers, dua to her job. Sometimes she wears a hat.
    Morgan has a notourious ability: no one knows when she's actually paying attention to something. The look in her eyes may change from unbelieveably goofy to intensively clever in a second. But sometimes she only pretends she's not listening to the others, looking at nowhere... and some others she'll nod all the way and ask by the end of the speech: "Huh?" Normally, her face looks pretty blank.

    Your aspirations: Morgan just wants everything to be over so she can see her sister again and return to the ranch with her. She doesn't like to be walking around with brats who can't even throw a pokéball the right side up, but she'll do so if it's necessary.

    Your personality:
    Morgan is a simple girl with simple needs, and absolutely zero hipocrisy. She'll laugh when she's happy, she'll cry when she's sad or angry, she'll get livid and yell when she's furious. She isn't able to lie normally, because she can't see the point in it; but if she does in a situation, though, she could fool God Himself.
    She's a very easygoing woman, and veeeery hard to piss off, due to a sharp ability of looking at all sides of problems - but when you do, be prepared for a coleric takeback. She's always been responsable for her sister and later her pokémon, and she became some sort of "big sister" or "mother" to the others. She'll watch over everybody she's walking around with - and be a little bossy, like a good mother is.
    She's a know-it-all also. Especially when put side by side with "children".

    Your background: After more than 10 years walking around the globe in her pokémon journey, Morgan's settled and her life is dedicated to her ranch. She raises and breeds pokémon there, has her own little day-care center, and rents small arenas in her property. She lives a simple and quiet life, and right now is thinking of getting married and settle down at once.
    But recently she's been worried. Her lil' sister, who's a trainer in journey, simply stopped calling or getting in contact with her since her arrival in Evangeor. What was her sister up to in there, Morgan's not sure, but since she disappeared she's been listening to the news. When she got the news of the rumbles in there, she flew to Evangeor immediately -- hoping to find Flora and bring her back.

    Starter: A. Wild card [could I ask for a vulpix or a sandshrew? If not... just surprise me XD] B. Charmander C. Mudkip

    Legendary: Raikou

    Excuse me, Tomackse Morgan is an adult and experienced trainer, and that's a bit different from the others... so:

    Morgan did not bring her most powerful pokémon with her, of course (or there'd be no RP, hehee XD). However, I suppose she took one or two to Evangeor in order to protect herself (probably the one she flew/surfed on and one more). Howeverm they don't need to participate in battles, being just a medium of transportation/decorative char. You may take them away on the RP, or make Morgan send them home... or simply don't allow her to bring any. It's up to you XD But if you let Morgan stay with a few of her pokés, I'd ask they'd be:

    - Fearow, male (Peck, Horn Drill, Mirror Move, Fly)
    - Vulpix, female (cub) (Charm, Roar, Ember)

    And least but not laaaaast... I'm not a native English speaker, so I'm sorry I'm not very articulated or if I make mistakes. I'll try to avoid them the most.

    Thank ya
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