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    I got stuck at that part as well. BUt basically you don't need to fix the elevator. Just go in the door to the left and surf down to the bottom left corner of the map and search the doors eventually you'll find the arklight spanner or something. Go to the left and you'll find a generator looking thing. Just press the a button well going up and down thing and you'll be asked if you want to fix something say yes of course.

    While i'm at it....

    Ragnia:Well the 'Some Teeth' item is a hold item that increases critical hit ratio. SO that's doubtful but I'll try it.
    This gonna sound really sad but um... where exactly is the meatfather again?
    Cutlerine: Really? I thought it sometimes made the opponent flinch when they hit you. Did I get it wrong?
    Sorry my bad you are right I am wrong

    Edit:I've looked at the top of mt.chimney and I've still not found the chikuwa. So can someone tell me where it is please?
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