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    Originally Posted by Cutlerine View Post
    That thing?! That is Don Pachi! He's a very important man/thing!W
    I was the first to post about who that was, but my post got deleted for 'SPAM'....As for this Sundance Rock, Im juggling one idea....

    EDIT: I managed to get the Cat's Eye item from the Shinx after redeeming the Spark Token, but that's where I get confused....

    EDIT 2: I found Sundance Rock. I cant believe I forgot to look there....Now, as far as the Abandonded Mines go, I didnt find any bugs yet. I am taking precautions to save my ROM by having copied the zip file of it and moving it to a safe location as well as backing up my save file, just in case anything bad goes down. I even saved before entering the mines....and with a little Walk Thru Walls magic, I discovered some interesting things in the mines...
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